Jacco Wynia - Look above piano Newborn Sun Videoclip and teaser

Videoseries Stories behind the music

The series shows stories from my personal life that I encountered while facing ‘Discomfort’. It was both frightening and relieving to be so open about these themes, and I want to thank all who encouraged me to do it.

The most logical way to go through the stories is in the order of the Album, because that is the analogous storyline. Still, the different episodes also stand on their own. The last video, about the titlesong ‘Discomfort’ is tying the knots together and revealing the last missing link of the puzzle. I hope you enjoy(ed) watching, and wish that you also get inspired to go through discomfort, and that by doing so you will reach more comfort!

The link to the whole series in a playlist on youtube: http://bit.ly/2tK4Jew

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