Outside performance Carried away- Jacco Wynia (Photo by Karin Scheepens)

Carried away – Autumn in full colour

We went to a place in the forest that we knew we could get our piano towards, and looked for the best route to film our script. While doing the shots, we were happily surprised by a group of wild horses that had chosen the same route as us. They were beautiful, but to be honest, the whole forest was beautiful, with the autumn leaves lighting up in the late-year-sun. My conclusion: I should be distracted by things like this more often. It does so much good to simply observe nature and be fully absorbed by it!

The story for this song: ”Nowadays it seems to be normal to be constantly taken up by a range of activities. Running from one thing to the next, without stops. To be honest, in the last couple of years I’ve done this myself, like I’m running a marathon without a clear end.

It seems to have to do with the pressure I put on myself that I ‘should do something with my life’.  linked to the fear of not being good enough… such poisonous thoughts.

I wish to open up to the beautiful things in life, but often it feels like it’s not possible to stop running. That I cannot get away from the poisonous thoughts. They leave no space, they leave me Carried Away.”

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