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Cleansing: A bath of compassion, acceptance and love. It can transform yourself from within. No matter how extreme the storms around you are. All you need to do is: be.

The process of Cleansing can help to turn the situation where you are now into something valuable. As a process in yourself, as a connection with others and as a connection with nature.

In the music video (by Andi Laukas), you can see this process in the form of Water: The different states, and the way it adapts to all sorts of different situations. Let the journey of the water inspire you in your path of cleansing.


Music is all about connecting

Hi, my name is Jacco. I’m glad you found me.

For me music is all about connecting. Connecting with each other, with nature, and with the core of self. Music can inspire wonderful things. If you would like to stay updated with new music, please sign up for my newsletter. It would be a joy to share my music with. you at a live-concert.

Heartfelt greetings,


Music is a powerful medium that can support you to find peace, and give discomfort a place

Through his music Jacco Wynia wishes to inspire others to find peace, deal with discomfort, and experience comfort. He feels that music can connect people with their own core, with nature and with each other.

Newborn Sun: Jacco Wynia - Dutch Pianist & Composer - Discomfort (2019)
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Never Ending Stillness

Winter is the space where the world comes to peace. Where animals find their spot for a long sleep. Where we can turn inwards, review our experiences from the year and give them a place. This way the old is able to finish off, and make space for new things.

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La Danse

‘La Danse’ brings the atmosphere of idyllic french streets into your home and instantly invites you to dream and dance along.

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Living out dreams

Last week I got to do 2 concerts surrounded by nature. Last sunday in Tilburg (gemeente) wilhelminapark, and last thursday in Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam.

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Live in Concert

Overview Melodia Melancholia - Jacco Wynia - Piano Music