New Album Discomfort Jacco Wynia

New album coming up – Discomfort

Such a wonderful feeling: The last two years we have worked (I say ‘we’ because incredibly many people have been part of the process) on this new album, and now it is all getting tangible!

March 15, 2019 will be the date that my new album ‘Discomfort’ will be available, both online and physical. This contains works of music with quite a story behind it, and we are working to get this story across in as many ways as possible: Wonderful design, a video series, an animation, and of course most importantly in every smallest detail of the music itself. I have tested tons of different pieces of cloth to put between the hammers and strings of my piano, to get just the right amount of dampening and clearness in tone. Gijs van Klooster (works with Joep Beving and Niklas Paschburg amongst others) has coached me to translate the story into every detail of piano playing and composition (and he did the production, well what didn’t he do?). Friends have given elaborate feedback on how things come across and what is actually what I stand for and what not. Just to get the most real version of it out there.

Conclusion: I hope you will enjoy the result as much as I do myself. I am very much looking forward to sharing this with you!

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