Jacco Wynia Album Cover - Climate Changes (Artwork by Bram Knol)

Making Climate Changes tangible with music and animation

And I figured that there would be more people like me. So I sat together with Bram Knol, an amazing animator (worked with Armin van Buuren en Diggie Dex among others) to talk about how we could turn this subject into an experience.

The result speaks for itself. I can tell that I’m glad that I have walked this path, because the process made climate change so tangible for me, I cannot go around it in everyday life now. This means it has changed me personally, and I automaticcally take the consequences of what I do in consideration, making me able to do less harm and more good for climate.

If you’d like to do some more and have no idea how, there are some links in the video discription via which you can support projects to build up climate. They are ofcourse not the only thing to do, but definitely help, and can give a good starting point!

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