Artwork Newborn Sun - Jacco Wynia (Artwork by Ilse Schrauwers, Isontwerp)

The beautiful artwork available on Shirt

The artwork from my new album is now also available on an ecologic – specially designed quality t-shirt! I am very happy with the result, the nature-heart is on the place of the human heart, front and back side of the shirt.

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New Album Discomfort Jacco Wynia

New album coming up – Discomfort

Such a wonderful feeling: The last two years we have worked (I say ‘we’ because incredibly many people have been part of the process) on this new album, and now it is all getting tangible!

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Jacco Wynia - Look above piano Newborn Sun Videoclip and teaser

Videoseries Stories behind the music

Throughout the last 24 weeks we have recorded the videoserie ‘The search for comfort’. In the videos I tell the stories behind my music. Every two weeks we did a new video, up till this point where the new album ‘Discomfort’ is out.

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