Jacco Wynia - Newborn Sun Videoclip and teaser

Winter Solstice – The longest night is over

It looked quite cloudy when we got up, but still continued with our plan to pack up the piano and all our stuff and drive to this lake. When we got there, the skies were already filled with beautiful colours. We set up as fast as we could, and heard the animals slowly waking up too: a lot of birds around there! I hope you enjoy the video as much as we did recording this!

Most people will know the effect that the dark winter days can have on someone: People get depressed, or suffer from the ‘winter blues’. Likewise, everyone will experience darker times in life, times in which you can be deeply discouraged. And at some times the darkness will seem to be endless. This song is about the experience of seeing a new sun rising. All of a sudden there are those wonderful colours, that you have forgotten that they even exist. And even though the days may still be short, the longest night is over; you can feel that from now on it will get lighter every day.

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