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Climate changes

Jacco Wynia Album Cover - Climate Changes (Artwork by Bram Knol)

Animation movie ‘Climate Changes’ provides a way to get the subject more tangible. Instead of discussing the topic as if it is far from us, I need to make things tangible for myself. And I figured that there would be more people like me. 

So I teamed up with Bram Knol, an amazing animator (worked with Armin van Buuren en Diggie Dex a.o.) to turn the subject into an experience with music and animation. What came out of it is impressive.

Discomfort - Jacco Wynia COVER NEW

Music is all about connecting

Hi, my name is Jacco. I’m glad you found me.

For me music is all about connecting. Connecting with each other, with nature, and with the core of self. Music can inspire wonderful things. If you would like to stay updated with new music, please sign up for my newsletter. It would be a joy to share my music with. you at a live-concert.

Heartfelt greetings,


Music is a powerful medium that can support you to find peace, and give discomfort a place

Through his music Jacco Wynia wishes to inspire others to find peace, deal with discomfort, and experience comfort. He feels that music can connect people with their own core, with nature and with each other.

Newborn Sun: Jacco Wynia - Dutch Pianist & Composer - Discomfort (2019)
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