Jacco Wynia - composer / Pianist

Jacco Wynia - Pianist

Some background

I got caught up in music at an early age.

Starting to play by ear at the age of 7, I discovered the joy of music. Until the age of 17, I barely heard any other music but played a lot. This left me space to develop a personal style and taste before being influenced much by the world outside. Music opened and expressed my hopes and dreams.

At the age of 17 I started to see the big treasures that are already here in the form of music. And I grew more and more into it, up to the point where music became the central point in my life. Throughout the years I did many performances in many different settings: in churches, concert halls, pubs, in the streets, theatres, stadiums, health care homes. Both in bands and as a solo musician.

After doing a range of big show performances, I found out that for me playing in an intimate setting was the most touching experience. I realized this when I was playing a lay-down-concert for elderly people in later stages of dementia. The response was so intense and the atmosphere was one of connecting with each other, in both tears and laughter, being freed by the power of music. This inspired me to go more and more for an intimate sound, and create settings where I would be able to connect with the listeners.

This way of making music a personal communication medium is how I wish to continue and grow. So that more people experience this sheer joy, and the music itself in return will be inspired by this connection with the listener. 

April 17th 2017, my 28th birthday, the album ”Miramare” is released, as a birthday present to whom wants to listen. This is a ”Pay As You Like” album, so that money is no limitation and everyone is able to enjoy the music.  People who can contribute a bit more help to keep the music going.

My wish is to contribute to others as much as possible via my first language; music.

You are welcome to stroll along.

My Recent Work