About Jacco Wynia

Jacco Wynia is a Dutch neo-classical composer, pianist and musician. his music is intimate, sometimes melancholic but always with a hint of light in it.

‘’Music is important for me because it has given me a voice. When I started to make music it directly gave a connection with people around me. Music has given me the ability to express my vulnerable feelings. Nowadays it brings me in touch with who I really am and with my core values.
Through my music, I hope to give the listener the same state of being connected with themselves and people around them.’’

This is reflected in the music by the recognizable, simplistic basis, where details reinforce the essence. Often the listener feels a familiarity with the music, yet the details give the music its own identity.

Related composers are Joep Beving, Olafur Arnalds, Ludovico Einaudi, Nils Frahm, Yann Tiersen.

News – Video series
‘The Search for Comfort’

I have always been telling stories with my music, but now the new music had such a clear point that I really wanted to share it with you in depth. Every two weeks we will release a video in which the background from a song is told. With every video, we will release a new song, and so we will slowly unfold the story of the new album. 5th of Octobre is the starting point.

You can follow the videos on Youtube and the music on Spotify or any of the bigger mainstream streaming services. I can’t wait to reveal the full narrative to you, but first, we’ll take the journey of making the story complete.