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The contrast between dark and light

The music from Dutch composer/pianist Jacco Wynia resembles a sunrise: His compositions embody peace, and at the same time show the richness of colours that light up the horizon. A sunrise will not happen if it hasn’t been dark, this contrast between the darkness and the light breaking through is also tangible in the music.

That is exactly what his new album ‘Discomfort’ is about: giving discomfort it’s place will create space for comfort. This album is produced by Gijs van Klooster, producer from Joep Beving and others.

As soon as you accept discomfort, it starts to lose its power

In the writing process Jacco has been inspired by people who are close to him and by the obstacles that he has had on his own path. He explains: ‘’Avoiding problems is a problem on its own. The album title ‘Discomfort’ is referring to the different unpleasant phases that one passes whilst giving problems their proper space. As soon as you accept the discomfort, it starts to lose its power, and at some point it will go away, leaving space for the things that you really love.’’. The story has revealed itself to Jacco in his personal life. ‘’It started with friends that were going through difficult times. Burn-out, depression, a lot of troubles. I wanted to stand by them and wrote the music to support them.’’

Balance between activity and rest

Whilst Jacco was in the writing process, he found out that he himself also had a burn-out. And that had a very clear reason: ‘’I have the tendency to always look at the positive side of things, and endlessly keep on going. Now I realise that this has a reverse side. There needs to be a balance between activity and rest. You also need to give dark sides a place, live through them, give them a place. It is non-human to always keep going.’’

Music is a powerful medium that helps Jacco to find the peace and give discomfort a place. Through his music he wishes to connect people with their own core, with each other and with nature.


Dutch Neo-classical composer Jacco Wynia and animator Bram Knol integrate music and animation technique make the subject ‘climate changes’ tangible: Exploring new options to see and hear what is happening all around us.
Jacco Wynia Album Cover - Climate Changes (Artwork by Bram Knol)


The first single from the new album Discomfort is Newborn Sun, after being taken into the New Music Friday playlist, now more than 130,000 Spotify plays. The new single You Can Rest Now (250,000+ plays) is included in the popular Spotify playlist Calm & Focused where Jacco is in the good company of Joep Beving, Ludovico Einaudi, Nils Frahm and Yann Tiersen.

Discomfort - Jacco Wynia COVER NEW

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