Jacco Wynia - Piano Music - Zwolle Piano Concert

Live at Theodorakapel Zwolle

Even though the road towards the concert was a bit shaky (two times a venue change) there were wonderful people that came from different parts of the Netherlands, Germany and even Scotland to connect through music.

Because of the many changes and intimate setting, I decided to play some new compositions, and started of with ‘la danse’. At the end of the concert, people came telling they like this song so much, which affirmed our idea to make a wonderful videoclip for it in the near future. Also, some people had requested older songs to be played, and the setting made the old songs come alive in a new way. From ‘Azores’ with its beautiful scenery, to ‘Rosa Canina’ (wild rose) as a pretty little detail within the scenery.

Even if the place was not as full as it could be, the people that were there were full of attention, which is about the greatest gift to come with. Thank you so much for being present, and hope to see you once again!

All the best, Jacco

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