new music juli jacco wynia

New music is in the making!

For the upcoming recordings I’ll do something special. There will be a cloud of crystals and echoes and such that will be part of the sound of a new song.

All my life I have had an interest in sound and how it influences your experience of something. I have written music with many influences and soundtypes, and have had the wish for a longer time to experiment with sound and the piano.

The song is about something that you can’t go round. It is simply too big not to notice. Like a beautiful mountain that is luring you in with its beauty. Of course, you can ignore it, but how much does it bring to fully experience its depth? The music itself is searching for ways to dance around this core, and realising the deep foundation which one can try to avoid, but actually can give its power when you take this in and dancing with it. The sound effect for some of those elements took some time to develop, and tell this story for themselves, I’m really excited to share it with you.

That sound… 😌 #composing #pianomusic

Geplaatst door Jacco Wynia op Woensdag 5 juni 2019

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