La Danse

Composer Jacco Wynia was playing in the streets of his hometown ‘s-Hertogenbosch. You could hear church bells ringing nearby, and people were passing by on bicycles. Parents were going into a tailors shop, and the kids waited outside. The girl started to dance. At first, a bit shyly, and after a while, she opened up more and more. She was looking towards the street musician behind the piano, laughing while she did. They played a bit of cat and mouse: Going one way or the other, going a bit faster and a bit slower; Playing around together.

Some of the people at the square were observing the scene, and together they all enjoyed the cosy atmosphere. Effortless, light joy was sparkling. Exactly this situation is what Jacco wanted to express in the song ‘La Danse’. ‘’The main melody came from the improvisation made on the streets here, and I made the rest of the composition in such a way that it would represent the atmosphere that I enjoyed so much’’.

‘La Danse’ is an ode to the dancers. With this song, I wish to inspire people to dream and to dance. The song already had me dancing quite some times, so I guess it can also spark other people to start dancing.’’ Especially in those times of COVID, we can still dream, and dance right where we are: You are invited to join in!

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