Artwork Newborn Sun - Jacco Wynia (Artwork by Ilse Schrauwers, Isontwerp)

The beautiful artwork available on Shirt

You can order the T-shirt here

Because my new album had such a clear story to it, I wanted to put more effort in to make this come across for everyone. Earlier I had met designer Ilse Schrauwers, who was inspiring to talk to, but also made beautiful drawings. As soon as the idea came up of creating specialised artwork for the album, she came in mind and I contacted her. We talked and got the ideas going quite quick, where it became clear she feels exactly what the story is about, and had clear ideas of how we can capture the process into artwork.

The result made me so happy, that I wanted to use the artwork in more ways. That’s where the Idea came to create a special design t-shirt (organic) to give it another tangible form. Also the album teaser is an animation of the artwork where it comes to life, you can see it here.

A big thank you to Ilse Schrauwers from isontwerp.nl for her patience and devotion, and for making such a beautiful piece of art!

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